About Us


“You can’t find returns from investments you haven’t made” – Clayton Christensen

Our core value is to place every client at the center of our focus to deliver efficient, cost effective and appropriate solutions to their own personal situation. We do this in a very personal and discreet manner whilst trying to educate at the same time to promote every client’s level of understanding at the same time.

How We Do It

This work process can be adapted and customized based on the specific needs and requirements of each project


Discovery & Analysis


Strategy Development




Development & Implementation




Launch & Deployment


Post-Launch Support


Continuous Improvement

TIC inspires with creative solutions.

Experience the transformative power of innovation with TIC. Discover tailored services that surpass expectations. Take the first step towards your vision. Connect with us and let’s bring your ideas to life.

Our Story



Our mission is to provide the best service and results for our clients through our amazing products and services. Our vision is to expand this beyond Qatar, but expanding within Qatar to be the largest provider of choice to those investors and start-ups engaged with us.



We are a 99% Qatari owned and managed company with a long and successful history in investment banking, e-commerce, and gamification. TIC was established for the needs of some of our clients and is a solution to what was missing in this sector in the Qatari and wider markets.


Our Commitments

Our commitment is to make our clients the center of our attention and deliver a service and products that fit their requirements completely in a discrete and very high-end personal service manner.


Diversity and Inclusion

From our leadership to the staff we employ and the clients we engage with, we look at cross cultures of both Qatari citizens to western ex-patriots no matter what the background or society and openly include all within these ethics.


Social Responsibility

TIC adheres to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at all times, where possible and values the impact that may be made to such aspects as climate change. The investment funds we support are all invested in the future and are some of the highest rated ESG and climate ethical products in the globe today.

Founder's Message

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Our Team

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