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We are experienced and qualified to provide specific information (intelligence) in relation to start-up businesses development, growth, and process. This may be directly with the staff at TIC or in fact via some of the companies and parties that we use.

Anyone with an idea for their new business or someone who has already started their business that needs an intelligence consultancy to be able to help them forward with the next stage.

TIC has the ability and time to invest in their clients by educating as well as supporting. This is a rare quality in Qatar where we are developing our own client’s skills to move them forward with us and hopefully for them to make more educated and informed decisions in the future.

Yes, we already have client testimonials of success and gains due to their interactions with TIC.

With solution focused thinking, in other words, very high levels of personal customer service, educating, and satisfying each client’s unique goals.

Yes, at TIC we are never sure weather from the client perspective or ours if there is an ideal fit therefore, we always meet with our clients to discuss their requirements and where we may be of assistance or where we simply can help them be referred through to another party if this is the better route.

Each client situation will be different and will depend on several factors such as how much we are involved as a company, what the requirements of the client are of TIC and if they need ongoing management or whether it would be a simple referral and therefore, little to no charge at all.

By making an appointment with TIC so we can discuss the client’s requirements.